Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Still Waiting!

Well, we were hoping to get news from our agency after Easter, so we would have a better idea of when we'd be traveling....But unfortunately, the news we got didn't give us any better clue than we had before. Actually, that's not true. Our best guess now is, that we will not be travelling until Fall; not Summer, like we were hoping.

"Why not?" you may be asking yourselves. It looks like a lot of couples applied to adopt in October and November, as we did (our application was accepted - a.k.a. "logged in"- by the Central Chinese Adoption Agency - "CCAA" - on 11/11/05). The CCAA still hasn't matched families from the end of October, 2005. I know, the gap in time from end of October to Nov. 11 is small! But this is how I've been explaining the wait: Let's say 1000 waiting families were accepted during Oct. and November 2005 (I just made up the # for explanitory purposes). And let's say the CCAA only matches 50 babies and families every month (again, I just made up the #), the couple week gap from end of Oct. to Nov. 11 is really HUGE! In this scenario, there could be several hundred families in line ahead of us, waiting. And if the CCAA only matches a few babies a month...our wait continues.

Anyway, for those who are visiting for the first time or haven't talked to us in a while, we do not have a "referral" yet. In other words, a child has not been chosen for us yet, waiting anxiously for us to come and get her! That would make this long long wait unbearable!! We are so lucky and blessed to have our son and we remind ourselves that it will all be worth it in the end!

Thanks For Visiting!